About Me


Winky Wiryawan a.k.a Nurayendra Irwindo is known as Indonesian actor and DJ (disc jockey) in Jakarta, by the name DJ Winky

Acclaimed as an Avant-garde DJ, Winky Wiryawan started DJing as his carrer in 1994. Due to massive act rave culture birth in Indonesia, he produced & mixed various songs from breaks, ambient, tribal, progressive and techno. His trademark style has an ethereal quality, filled with fat basslines, punchy drum sounds and the intelligent use of tingling sound technology; shown by his recent projects “Street Society” original soundtrack and moreover the unreleased-yet solo album.

Winky Wiryawan has developed a mix of sounds that is all his own: innovative and challenging, yet accessible and even dance-floor friendly which has led him to share decks to many world famous DJs and producers such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyke, Steve Lawler, Darren Price of Underworld, Daniel Kandi, Spirit Catcher, etc.

Triumphed many prestigious dance scene awards in Indonesia such as, Best Live PA, Best Song, REDMA’s Best Alternative DJ of The Year 2007, REDMA Best DJ of The Year 2009. Winky Wiryawaran also participated at The Biggest Dance Music Festival in Indonesia, Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014. In the same year, Winky Wiryawan celebrate his 20 years as a DJ has released Playlist, collaborating with a few singer.

In 2015, Winky Wiryawan be trusted as a judge and music consultant for “The Remix NET TV”, a program that brings the music producer (who collaborated with singer) to compete and bring their best musical work, focuses on Electronic Dance Music. Story about 2015 is not over, Winky Wiryawan also got awards for DJ Of  The Year 2015 from Showbiz Awards and Producer Of  The Year 2015 from Paranoia Awards.

Winky Wiryawan never close the possibility to listen and to play other genres, it can be shown from his recent set varying from the mash-ups of house, progressive, electro, hiphop, breaks; but still melodic in his fundamental of house and breaks. He believes music cannot be apart because of their genres. but should be blended as one language they would call universal.


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